The Healing Journal
Taking Control of Your Journey Through Cancer

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As a two-time cancer survivor I have been where you are, frightened and overwhelmed by this new path you find yourself on.
The Healing Journal:  Taking Control of Your Journey Through Cancer is a book that will light your way.  Cancer is a journey that you CAN manage.

From recording your appointments, contact information, medical history and treatments, to discovering and exploring healing strategies and journaling your thoughts and emotions.  It’s all here with helpful references and space for you to record all the information that will suddenly become important.

You’ll also read about my own journey, which I hope will inspire you and give you the strength and courage to keep going, to NEVER GIVE UP, and to know that you are not alone!

Key Features

  • Intended for both cancer patients and their primary caregivers
  • Compact 6" x 9" so that it can be easily carried in a purse, bag or briefcase
  • Spiral bound
  • Full colour tabbed dividers
  • Photo pocket in front cover to keep a photo or photos of your loved ones
  • Handy file pocket in back cover for prescriptions and business cards
  • Useful for both men and women
  • Useful for all types of cancer
  • Perfect support and resource for the parents of a child going through cancer

               Handy File Pocket

   Copyright © Lynda Peterson, 2011

   Published by:
   Lynda Peterson, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

   Printed by:
   Village Press Inc., Traverse City, Michigan, USA     

   Peterson, Lynda, 1963 -
               The healing journal: taking control of your journey                through cancer / Lynda Peterson

   ISBN 978-0-9869032-0-5

   1. Cancer--Patients--Handbooks, manuals, etc.  I. Title.

   RC262.P48 2011    362.196'994    C2011-902385-7

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The Healing Journal: 

Taking Control of
Your Journey Through Cancer

"The truth is, if you asked me to choose between winning the Tour de France and cancer, I would choose cancer. Odd as it sounds, I would rather have the title of cancer survivor than winner of the Tour, because of what it has done for me as a human being, a man, a husband, a son and a father."
~ Lance Armstrong

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(*on orders of 3 or more books)

If you would like your purchase of The Healing Journal inscribed to anyone, please indicate the name of the person below.

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What You'll Find Inside

My Story:
From my original diagnosis through treatment to health.  I'll take you through every step of my journey and lay it all out there - my fears, my thoughts, my struggles and my triumphs.  


Pages for you to write about your own journey. Writing is cathartic.  Be it your story, your thoughts, fears and other emotions, or a poem or a song.  Perhaps you're an artist or like to doodle.  Whatever brings you peace, these pages are provided to give you the space to express yourself.  At the bottom of the pages are quotes of healing, courage, hope and faith, written or said by many others who have walked this same journey.  Let them inspire you and bring you strength. 

Healing Strategies:
Counsellors, diet, faith, relationships, wigs and many topics in-between.  Life goes on and there are so many factors involved in your healing journey.  This section provides discussion points on many of these with what I found and what I learned along the way.  It provides you with key information and guides you along the path to identifying and managing your own personal healing strategies.

Medical History: 
Family history, medications, allergies and more.  Your history, general health and lifestyle factors all provide really important information for your medical team and you will be asked about them over and over.  In this section you can record and keep track of that information so that its at your finger tips when you need it. 

Where you need to be and what you need to ask your general physician, oncologist or radiologist.  How many times have you said "oh I forgot to tell him...." or "I forgot to ask her....".  Now you don't have to worry, space is provided under each appointment block for you to record those important questions and concerns so that you won't forget again.

Treatment Journal:

Record and take control of your Chemo and radiation journey.  Each round will be slightly different from the one that came before it.  Keeping track of your protocol and individual treatments - medications, special instructions, side effects, questions and concerns will help you to feel more in control of this process and be better able to discuss your treatment with your health care team.

Getting Organized:
After the dust of the diagnosis settles a new one whirls when you realize that in order for you to drop everything so that you can be treated, you'll have to take care of some things, and even during treatment there are always little jobs and issues that come up and you'll want to either take care of them yourself or arrange for them to be done.  This section is for you to record and keep track of the tasks you need to do, arrangements you need to make and people you need to thank. 

Travel Arrangements:    
Many people have to travel in order to receive treatment.  That can be a stress all to itself but it can be made more manageable.  In this section you'll find pages to record any transportation and accommodation arrangements you may need to make and your expenses along the way.  Their are also travel tips and contact information for all major airlines, hotel chains and car rental companies across North America.


Your health care team will be made up of your GP, oncologist and any number of other health care specialists.  You and your primary caregiver and Chemo/radiation buddies will need to have all their contact information close at hand, as well as the information for  family and close friends. With large blocks of space provided you can record all the contact information and other pertinent details as well as.

Final Thoughts:

EpilogueMy final comments on living with cancer.

Sharing the Proceeds Information on our donation program.

Thank YouSaying thank-you to the special people who have helped me bring this project to life.

Credits: Giving credit where credit is due to all those who have allowed me to use their illustrations and photographs.

Writing "The Healing Journal:  Taking Control of Your Journey Through Cancer" was a long and difficult process albeit really cathartic.  It took over a year for the first draft and another 18 months before we went to print.  That in itself has been a journey.  A journey worth taking.  Writing this book gave me a chance to organize my thoughts and feelings, determine what I had learned from my experience with cancer and what I now could share with others to help them as they work towards survivorship and learn to live life during and after cancer.    

If you know somebody who is facing a cancer journey, please share my website with them or consider purchasing a book as a gift, one they will use over and over and one that will bring them inspiration, comfort and support.   ~ Lynda

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"There is no medicine like hope.  No incentive so great, an no tonic so powerful as expectation of something better tomorrow."
~ Orison Swett Marsden

Never Give Up!

Copyright © Tony Harmer

"Let this be the first story you read that doesn't sugar coat the disease that invades our bodies.  It can consume our thoughts, it i the cause of our fears and it changes our lives and our relationships forever.  Yet there are so many good things that happen when you have cancer and once you get over the shock of the diagnosis you will be able to open your eyes to these.  I've learned many things along the way about life and myself.  I am so much clearer on what is important to me and I have so much more love for myself.  When I walk in the forest colors are brighter and smells are sweeter.  I am living a more complete and satisfying life. 

I've heard it said that caner is a gift, but let's be honest here, cancer is not a gift.  I wouldn't give it to my worst enemy.  I know the good things it has brought to my life but I'd certainly have preferred them being delivered in a box with a pretty bow and copious amounts of confetti than in the package that is cancer.

It is a frightening and confusing disease that leaves one with a million questions for each answer.  It grips and tugs at our souls and the hearts of our loved ones.   We have good days and bad, days where we can almost pretend that life is 'normal' again then reality hits and we realize that we now have a new normal, a new reality.  We pray, we cry, we question the meaning and processes of life and ultimately we just dig deep to find the strength and courage to put one foot in front of the other and hold our heads high as we embrace the journey on which we find ourselves."

Excerpt from The Healing Journal:  Taking Control of Your Journey Through Cancer

"With organization comes empowerment!"

~ Lynda Peterson

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